Some suggestions for treating food and plants with crystals

The foods we eat have an energy field around them that can be recharged with the use of crystals. Crystals can help keep fruit and vegetables fresher for a longer period, by placing the crystals around and pointing at the food. It is believed that the negative ions will be replaced with the positive ions by the use of crystal energy.

Crystals can also be used to help bean sprouts to germinate and grow faster as well as help revitalize ailing plants or plants that are poor growing. Just place the crystals nearby and pointing in the direction of the plants, and of course not forgetting to give the plants water and fertilizer. You may notice that your plants could very well grow in the direction of the crystals rather than towards the sunlight.

For added benefit, you can also give your plants some crystal water elixirs. Elixirs are water that has been treated with crystals, and it has been reported that plants grow better when given crystallized water.


Using crystals to treat fruits and vegetables.


Using crystals to treat plants.

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