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Understanding Synchronicity

Synchronicity has always intrigued me. To those who believe in it, there are no coincidences, and for those who don’t, synchronicities are merely very uncanny coincidences. Once upon a time, I used to think life was just full of coincidences. But it has become evident to me that synchronicity is the language of Universal Intelligence, or what we would know as God, and it is in constant expression every day in our lives. To understand synchronicity better, you would need to understand that the non-physical part of the universe all around you is so much more real and alive than
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Crystals and synchronicity

Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events which seem to have a meaning or connection to each other. You could call it a meaningful coincidence. Have you ever had something happen to you which seems like a coincidence and yet defies explanation? We all have had such things happen in our lives, some more than others. If you believe that matter follows thought, it gets a lot easier to understand why a synchronicity can occur. We humans are all beings of thought, and the energy that generates thought seems to be able to permeate this 3D universe and
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