Understanding Synchronicity

Synchronicity has always intrigued me. To those who believe in it, there are no coincidences, and for those who don’t, synchronicities are merely very uncanny coincidences. Once upon a time, I used to think life was just full of coincidences. But it has become evident to me that synchronicity is the language of Universal Intelligence, or what we would know as God, and it is in constant expression every day in our lives.

To understand synchronicity better, you would need to understand that the non-physical part of the universe all around you is so much more real and alive than the physical aspect (this includes one’s being as well). Once you constantly operate from this standpoint, you will understand that synchronicity is something that happens – all the time. Just keep your eyes open and you’ll see!

A common reported occurrence of synchronicity is that of seeing “special” digits. Many people report seeing 11s or 911s, or 33s or 777s, etc. You might notice that when you look at the time on your watch, you may notice seeing such numbers more often than usual. Is this a basic manifestation of synchronicity? Well, it depends on how you view it. Are you noticing the numbers because you have been told to look for them, or are they really jumping out at you all the time?

numbers cluster

A fairly well-known test among psychologists is to show a person a seemingly jumbled mass of random numbers from 1 all the way to 50 (that is actually arranged in four hidden quadrants in a clockwise manner) and get the person to circle the numbers as he/she spots them. This process would normally take quite long if the person doesn’t know how to look for the numbers, but if the person is told where to look for them (that there are quadrants) and apply a pattern to their search, the process to spot all the numbers is sped up considerably.

I believe this is what is occurring in synchronicity. Signs are always flashing in front of our faces, even in mundane things and events; if only we knew how to recognize them. We can then attempt to decipher the messages that the universe is sending our way, every day. You will find that synchronicities actually cannot but occur all the time, because there really is an order, reason, and pattern to everything in the world/universe. And the good news is this pattern seemingly can be influenced by thoughts, provided that it falls within the boundaries of Divine Will (negative intentions are exempt). This is the basis of the “Law of Attraction”.

In metaphysical science, the subconscious mind is believed to be linked to God/Universe (akin to a telephone line). When we have a problem, the solution is also always out there waiting for us. To a certain extent, we can also create or influence a desired outcome just by “praying” to God. Did you know that when you want something bad enough, and you think about it every day, you are in fact, “praying” about it, regardless if you believe in a god or not? Programming a crystal also falls under the same category of “prayer”. If you want something bad enough, you are already “praying” for it every day, whether you know it or not.

For example, if you like a certain sport, like tennis, you will be thinking of it very often and practicing the sport at every opportunity you get. So, like it or not, your skill will grow steadily, as you apply your focus and energy towards the sport. The frequent practice that you engage in, involves a lot of mental energy focus, and it’s similar to what we know as “praying”, which is basically applying thought, focus, and intent towards a desired goal or outcome. Relating this to crystal use, when we program a crystal through visualization, we are also using the crystal to amplify our thought energy to achieve the desired outcome (e.g. getting better at tennis).

The underlying thread is that all physical matter in this world is actually energy at its core. Think of atoms and molecules. And energy can be influenced or manipulated (within certain limits as set forth in Divine Will) by thoughts. Our minds (more specifically, the subconscious mind) are the most powerful computers we will ever know, a link to the Divine/God that can co-create, as God creates things.

timeWhen you apply your subconscious mind in the role that it was designed to, you will begin to find that synchronicity is in fact, an “everyday” occurrence. When you start recognizing the events and occurrences of synchronicity, even in the most mundane of things (like seeing numbers on a clock), it feels that one is a part of a divine plan, even though it may not be immediately clear what that plan is. And it invariably takes faith to obtain that which we want, hence the importance of fervent, unwavering belief, stressed upon by many religions.

History is replete with famous cases of synchronicity, some of which seem quite unbelievable. I believe that every human being would have at least a tale or two of some unbelievable coincidence that happened to them in the past; some more, some less. But the question would be, are you paying attention? And do you believe that you deserve the attention of God/Universe no matter how insignificant you think you may be?

Ultimately, synchronicities cannot ever be understood completely, let alone “mastered”. But that is part of the mystique of the Universe. You can’t force something to happen if it’s not “meant” to happen. Perhaps something that we want may ultimately not be good for us. In such cases, our desires will not be granted (usually), and that can be frustrating. But that is what this Life is about – A School for the Soul. And maybe that is why synchronicities will continue to fascinate, intrigue, and inspire us humans, for as long as this world keeps on turning and revolving.

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