The Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are in the limelight once again, because of the latest Indiana Jones movie. Currently, crystal skulls are again at the center of a lot of controversy because of all the claims made about, and against them. Are crystal skulls really what they are claimed to be, or just stories of fancy?

Logically speaking, it is a natural thing for man to carve quartz or any suitable mineral into the likeness of a human skull, and there is no reason to believe that early man could not, or would not do something like this. There are countless artifacts from the past which have been fashioned into flowers, buildings, imaginary objects, animals, and human forms. Therefore, it is equally plausible for some people who lived long ago to fashion a skull out of crystal. For example, early skulls made of jade have been unearthed in China; however crystal skulls often refer to the ones from South America, which have long been claimed to be fashioned by the ancient Mayans.

Recent tests by researchers suggest that the Mayans did not carve them. It may be true that the most famous crystal skulls are just relatively recent creations, and not what they are claimed to be. Two prominent crystal skulls are the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, and the British Museum Skull. Crystal skulls are controversial because experts have deduced them to be “modern fakes.” But fans of the crystal skulls contend that the skulls possess magical powers, and attest that they are excellent tools for scrying (looking for messages within the crystal skull).


I personally have not experienced the crystal skulls first hand, and therefore cannot comment if they are what they are claimed to be. It has been claimed that some crystal skulls hold great power to curse or bless, as has been claimed for the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, which has been called the “Skull of Doom” by some. There is a lot of literature published concerning the crystal skulls, and if you want to learn more about them, they are worth a read.

For the vast majority of crystal lovers, the issue of whether the crystal skulls are fakes or not, is not as important as their OWN experience with their crystals. A crystal has no more power than an empowered mind, it must be added; although famous crystals have their place in crystal folklore and such, just like the stories behind some famous diamonds or other gemstones, and these contribute partly to their charm and mystique.

I am opined that crystals are only just personal tools or adornments, and should always be regarded as such. Whether you wear crystals as jewelry, or use them in crystal healing, this is an important point to consider.

Some claims have been brought forward alleging that crystal skulls came from outer space, or Atlantis, but note that the veracity of such claims has yet be ascertained. A crystal which you personally find works better with your energies is likely a much better choice than any other type of crystal you might come across now, or in the future.

There is further info on crystal skulls located at this page.

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