The dark specialty of smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is the dark form of quartz with color ranging from light gray to yellowish brown, to opaque black. The color of smoky quartz is the result of the radiation of colorless quartz while the crystal is still forming in a semi aqueous solution, and the presence of sodium and aluminum in its composition. At higher temperatures, smoky quartz loses its color, and first turns yellow, then white. The dark coloring is not permanent; nonetheless, this variety of quartz has its own distinctions, which we will look at.

It is found in many parts of the world where quartz is found, but the main locations for smoky quartz are Brazil, Scotland (UK), parts of the Swiss Alpines, Australia, and Madagascar. Large specimens have been found, and jet black varieties are not uncommon.

Also called smokey quartz, cairngorm, or morion, smoky quartz is easily “created” these days in labs, by just running some radiation through it. Therefore, to verify natural smoky quartz is not really easy. From a metaphysical standpoint, although natural would obviously be best, but due to the difficulties in verifying genuine, natural smoky quartz, the artificially irradiated ones may be used instead. My own findings is that artificial ones have a much more muted energy compared to natural specimens.

smoky-quartz.jpgThe picture on the right shows a twinned smoky quartz crystal which I own. The color is practically jet black.

Smoky quartz has a very grounding effect. The energy emitted by smoky quartz is highly suitable for the root chakra, and the solar plexus area. If you have trouble calming down and entering a meditative state prior to meditation, smoky quartz can help to facilitate the process by grounding the mind, and eliminating “noise.”

Smoky quartz helps to promote survival instincts, the will to live, and succeed in this world. It works quietly in the background, with a prolonged, yet gentle action, so you may not notice what it does at first. It is also protective in nature, and for activities involving psychic work, smoky quartz can provide a protective barrier around the user.

Other varieties of smoky quartz

There exists other forms of smoky quartz, like smoky/clear quartz, and smoky/citrine. The varieties of smoky/citrine quartz are not uncommon, because the factors giving rise to citrine and smoky quartz are similar. That is why light colored smoky quartz may grade towards a dark yellow toned citrine appearance. This type of smoky quartz, combines the energy of smoky quartz with citrine.

What is smoky quartz used for?

Smoky quartz helps balance the body in all aspects. It is useful for diarrhea or constipation, as it assists with the elimination systems. The opaque types are good for absorbing negative energies, and thus, you would need to clean them every so often. It can clear blockages and congestion of the glands in the body, and ease blood circulation.

If you use smoky quartz often, you will find that as you improve within as a person, the smoky quartz will often clear or turn lighter in color, in response to the “shadows” clearing away from your outlook!

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