The metaphysical properties of emerald

Emerald is a stone of fertility, and abundance. It is well known as an aid to growth, and assists people who are not so well adjusted with this world, to adjust, thrive, and prosper. The green of emerald is closely tied with the vibes of the natural world and the plants of nature. As the stone representing Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, emerald is rightly known as the “love stone.” It is the traditional birthstone for the month of May.

Emerald’s vibrant green color is ideal for helping with matters relating to the heart, and it can be used to enhance memory, and to help in accounting and business calculations, providing for the acquisition of knowledge that can be used to further business plans and strategies.

emerald gemstoneIn legal affairs, emerald is said to help the user achieve a positive outcome; however, this should not be interpreted as a license to do bad!

In times past, emerald was used to sooth sore eyes, and to promote clear vision. In fact, staring at an emerald stone and meditating upon it by visualizing the green color washing over every cell in body – is a great exercise. Not only does the emerald promote good vision, it is known to promote clairvoyant future vision.

Emeralds have also been used to treat disorders of the lungs, heart, spine, and is also good for strengthening the teeth and bones (just like another beryl, aquamarine). It is also known to have anti inflammatory properties, as well as being used as an antiseptic and wound healing agent by some.

What is known, is that the color green is an universal color which no one ever gets tired of, and with perhaps the most beautiful of green hues to be found anywhere, it is no wonder emeralds never seem to lose their popularity.

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