The real value of gold

Gold is one of the most enduring minerals that we know of. In today’s volatile economic times, the value of gold has suddenly been brought to the forefront, but what most people don’t realize is that gold has retained its value and allure for thousands of years, and now is touted as one of the most secure investments you can make, as an alternative to paper currency.

But, let’s look at gold from other standpoints. Gold as a color is definitely one of my favorite colors, and pure gold nuggets in combination with other crystals is just really rare and lovely. Sometimes gold crystals get embedded with that of quartz during formation, and this combination is believed to be very powerful for any metaphysical work.

Gold usually crystallizes in massive form, but it can also be found as grains, flakes, and exquisite dendrites, sometimes in really odd shapes. It is one of the most enduring elements in the elemental chart, with one of the highest densities of all. Gold is very soft though, and only has a hardness of between 2 and 3 on the Mohs scale.

Gold mostly occurs in hydrothermal quartz veins, but also frequently in alluvial deposits, where most deposits were extracted, in past history. In its natural form, gold almost always forms alloys with other metals, especially silver, where it is called electrum. The greater the amount of silver in the gold, the less gold-like its color becomes. Electrum was used in the ancient days as coinage, because it was more durable and cheaper to produce than pure gold.

As the most revered metal of all, gold has a special place in the history of humanity, both past and present. And being used for so long has enabled a large wealth of knowledge to build up regarding its metaphysical properties. Gold has always symbolized purity, divinity, and perfection. It is also a perfect balancer to all other minerals, and it helps one to realize one’s fullest potential.

Gold nuggets

Merchants have always regarded gold as good for business, and believe that it attracts wealth and the good life into their homes. Carrying a gold nugget around as a lucky charm was quite a common practice some time back. That is why investing in some gold jewelry or coins makes sense, especially in the tumultuous economic situation the world is facing. The value of gold has not really fluctuated that much in history, and that is why it has always been regarded a stable investment.

Gold emits a stabilizing energy for the etheric body, and can help clear the chakras, while amplifying the powers of other crystals used in conjunction with it. Gold is also inert and non toxic; placing a gold nugget into an elixir along with other crystals will further enhance the elixir.

As you would expect, gold has a wide range of healing properties, among them treating digestive problems, improving liver function, and enhancing mental abilities and vision. Gold is believed to assist the body in absorption of nutrients, and it can also balance up the pancreas and purify the blood. It has been used to speed up metabolism and circulation throughout the entire body. If used with other minerals, gold acts like an amplifier for that mineral, and it is highly compatible with almost any other mineral known to man.

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