The role of colors in healing

Colors are vital in our everyday living. We are psychologically affected by colors in one way or the other at every second of the day. Notice how red somehow makes people edgy whereas a color like blue exerts a calming effect almost immediately.

In fact each color vibrates at a certain level due to the differing optical vibration rates that differs from one color to another. Different colors have different wavelengths that are picked up by our eye receptors and interpreted as a certain color.

The colors in a rainbow are called a spectrum and include all the colors that can be produced via one visible wavelength at any given time. Even though these colors are not definitive since they all form a continuous spectrum, the rainbow colors are commonly defined as:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet


These colors correspond with the different colors of the chakras, from the root chakra to the crown chakra. For further information on the chakras, refer here. Each color has unique attributes that do not belong to the other. Let’s have a look at each color:


Red has the slowest rate of vibration amongst all the colors of the spectrum and associated with the root chakra. Red stimulates strength, power, vitality and action. It is a color of aggression, and is the hottest color in the whole spectrum. The Chinese favor red because it symbolizes good luck and prosperity to them, as do most parts of Asia. Worldwide, red is ubiquitous with the term, “hot blooded” and denotes someone who is aggressive, action oriented, and physical. Indeed, red stimulates the production of blood cells, marrow and tissue. It connects us with the earthy energies and is most suitable to use when we are feeling depressed or lacking in vitality.


Orange is a warm color that invokes feelings of emotional balance and self worth, and associated with the sacral chakra. It is the perfect color to use when we having self doubts and insecurity. It is the color of the emotions, sexuality, and nurture. Orange promotes digestion, assimilation, physical vitality and robust growth within a nurturing environment. It helps dispel unforgiveness, whether towards oneself or towards others, and helps to promote reaching out to the opposite sex. For physical conditions, orange is good for problems pertaining to the sexual organs or gonads, and assimilation of nutrients.


Yellow is such a cheerful color that it immediately invokes feelings of happiness; hence it is perhaps the best color to start a day with. Associated with the solar plexus chakra, yellow represents the sunshine and in some parts of the world, yellow symbolizes royalty, because it is the color closest to gold. Yellow is a color for the intellect, and stimulates the analytical, logical, and discerning capabilities of the left brain. Despite being good for the intellect, yellow also helps us to loosen up, have fun and be playful and spontaneous. Yellow is good for the stomach, liver and the pancreas.


Green is the color of balance, neutrality, and unconditional love. It heals behind the scenes, and is good for practically any kind of ailment. Associated with the heart chakra, green symbolizes the heart, and thus is great for promoting love, albeit the highest form of love, which is unconditional love. We ought to use green when feelings of jealousy and selfishness intrude our hearts. There is a reason why we are surrounded by green, why the plants and trees are all green; it is because green is supposed to be the color of the Garden of Eden, where we are all supposed to be in. Green is a soothing color and is good for the heart, thymus and immune system.


Blue is the color of wisdom and truth. It is one of the higher colors and associated with the throat chakra. Blue is the color of communication and expression. It provides for clearness of thought so we can communicate it effectively to another party. It has always symbolized the sky, and thus by tradition, it is often looked upon to denote God and oneness with divinity. Blue is the color to use when one feels nervous, restless, and uninspired. It bestows peace and serenity, and is the color for the thyroid, lungs and vocal cords.


Indigo is the color of the third-eye chakra and is a divine color that bestows intuition and psychic abilities. Indigo is basically a cross between blue and purple, and it is the color to use when one is feeling indecisive or blocked in sensing or awareness, with regards to the sixth sense. Indigo possesses the properties of creativity and higher intuition and is great for psychic training, to fine tune this long neglected ability in one’s self. It is good for the cerebellum, pituitary gland, and the central nervous system.


Violet or purple is the highest ray in the color spectrum, and consequently vibrates the fastest. Violet is linked to the crown chakra, and is the color of enlightenment, and true spirituality. Violet dispels stagnation in one’s spiritual growth, and provides an understanding that one’s existence in this earth is never complete because there is always room to develop spiritually and be closer to God. It is a color that could make a person feel out of touch with this world, and should be moderated with an earthy color where possible. Violet is good for the cerebrum and the pineal gland.

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