Unakite – a magical combination of minerals

Unakite is a relatively “new” gemstone that was first discovered in the Unakas Mountains of North Carolina, and from which it derives its name from. This is a mineral that is a combination of quartz, jasper, feldspar, and epidote. Thus, it exhibits the colors and variations pertinent to each mineral. It may also contain small amounts of many other minerals. Unakite is actually considered to be a kind of colorful granitic rock, and therefore, is found in masses, and never in crystalized form. The hardness of unakite on the Mohs scale is about 6 to 7.

The coloration varies to a large degree, but is usually limited to greenish, reddish, orangey, and whitish specks, blotches, and mottles, with green being the predominant color. The red may be pinkish, or brownish like red jasper. Unakite’s color is striking and quite unique in the mineral kingdom. Once thought to be uncommon, unakite has since been found in many other places besides the Unakas Mountains. Today, it is mined in Brazil, China, and South Africa, and large quantities are turned into jewelry or ornaments.

unakiteUnakite is now a popular semi-precious gemstone and is most frequently cut into beads, bracelets, cabochons, pendants, and necklaces. Bigger blocks are made into sculptures and ornaments, and it has even been turned into floor tiles (albeit expensive floor tiles).

Being composed of several minerals, unakite exhibits the properties of all of them, namely the properties of red jasper, pink feldspar, white quartz, and green epidote. It also has its own unique metaphysical energies, which are mainly of a soothing, and balancing kind, as is common with gemstones of the feldspar group.

Unakite helps one in releasing blockages that impede on spiritual growth, detach from the old and negative habits, and to balance up the emotional body with the spiritual side of one’s being. Users of unakite believe that it helps them with diagnosis of their physical ailments by helping them to see beyond the surface of things; physical symptoms are usually caused by an underlying spiritual, mental, or emotional reason. Unakite helps one to realize the cause behind the physical disorder – so that one can then work on it.

unakite stoneBeing predominantly green and red-pinkish, unakite works especially well for the heart chakra area. It is an absorptive stone, absorbing our negativity while helping our entire being to align and rebalance. Unakite can assist with issues relating to self-worth, because its color and energy promotes loving one’s own self. Some people believe unakite to be good for accumulating wealth luck, a bit similar to jade. It is also believed to enhance one’s psychic vision when used in meditation.

Unakite is used in the treatment of disorders relating to the reproductive system, and to help with a smoother pregnancy. It can also help to strengthen the heart system, the muscles in the body, and to smoothen the skin and complexion.

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