Biomagnetic Therapy

Perhaps you have heard of the term, “Biomagnetic Therapy”. But what exactly does it mean? Biomagnetic therapy is a broad term to denote the practice of using magnets (often as jewelry) to heal or to enhance overall health, while limiting or mitigating exposure to electromagnetic fields/waves. Why I have included them on this website is simply due to their similarity with the practice of using/wearing crystals for healing and therapeutic applications.

Biomagnetic vs Scalar Energy

Biomagnetic therapy using jewelry comprising a combination of germanium, liquefied titanium, and neodymium magnets has been seeing a steady rise in popularity over the past decade. Slightly similar to scalar “quantum energy” pendants, they all claim to afford the wearer protection against pervasive electromagnetic fields generated by the ubiquitous electronic devices we have all around us, these days.

Most of these scalar energy products have one thing in common, they are pretty vague as far as their make-up is concerned, and some people claim that some of these scalar pendants actually contain radioactive material. It is really hard to tell, because the market is flooded with plenty of fake products currently. Biomagnetic jewelry seems to fair slightly better; at least they are less vague as to how they work, and most of them claim to have titanium and germanium in their “ingredients” list, and not just some vague “rare earth mineral”.

Anyway, I used to own a quantum energy pendant about 10 years ago, which I did not find useful after wearing it for a month; I ended up returning the pendant to the distributor. It didn’t help my sleep problems at that time, and I felt it was actually draining energy from my energy field.

Do biomagnetic therapy products work?

Recently, I bought a biomagnetic titanium sports necklace being sold at a shopping booth, which looks to be of sturdier build than the typical flimsy looking scalar pendants. The brochure describing it was vague, but from what I understood, the metals inside the necklace emit Far Infrared (FIR) energy, which is also given off by the rays of the sun. This FIR energy stimulates blood circulation, and rejuvenates cells, allowing for greater oxygen availability for the entire body; which makes sense why sun-gazing and exposure is championed by some people.

Why did I decide to try out one of these biomagnetic products? It is claimed that the combined action of the neodymium magnets (permanent magnets made of rare earth metals) and the FIR effect from the liquefied titanium and germanium which constantly generate negative ions (anions), would be beneficial to the body, especially if one is constantly exposed to EMF fields. Wearing biomegnetic jewelry (within one’s energy field), it is claimed the wearer would experience certain health benefits.

After I tried a bracelet on, I did a Applied Kinesiology test (with and without the bracelet). Kinesiology is one of the disciplines which are frequently branded as “pseudoscience”, but in actuality, many simple tests prove its veracity and they cannot be debunked, even till today. Clasping my hands together, the salesman attempted to forcefully break my clasped hands apart using his body weight. Without the bracelet, I could not hold my hands together. But with the bracelet on, they were noticeable stronger, and somehow, I could keep my hands from being forcefully separated.

I was convinced, so I took the necklace as wearing the bracelet was somewhat cumbersome, whereas the sports necklace was very lightweight and comfortable.

biomagnetic titanium necklace

Above: Biomagnetic titanium sports necklace.

After testing the necklace for a month, I do feel the difference. My work requires me to spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Before this, I would feel somewhat mentally tired after a few hours of work, but now I can go for hours without feeling as tired as before. The “drained” feeling is definitely reduced.

There is a distinct difference, which only practical and personal experience is able to confirm.

neodymium magnets

Above: The necklace is fastened securely with strong neodymium magnets.

For me, it confirms again that the etheric, energy level which we cannot see with the physical eyes, is far more significant and relevant than we realize. EMF fields have a negative effect on our energy fields; negative thoughts and intentions likewise. Disease also often manifests itself first as a dark blurb/stain in our energy fields. To be healthy, we need to pay attention to the energy field, for man is firstly spirit, then mental, and lastly, physical.

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