Citrine – The merchant’s stone

Citrine is a member of the quartz family that is colored pale yellow to a deep golden brown. The color is such due to the presence of iron in the crystalline content. In some pale yellow varieties, the color can be so pale, that it can even be mistaken for colorless quartz or a light colored version of smoky quartz. Most citrine being sold on the market is in fact, heat treated amethyst.

So, that means, the citrine you now hold in your hands, is in all probability, an amethyst-turned-citrine! There is reason to believe many citrine crystals sold on eBay could in fact be heat treated. One of the tell tale signs of heat treated citrine is the dark orangy color, but all the same, I have seen very pale citrine that was not natural in the very first place. Naturally colored citrine is not very common; in fact, citrine is the least common among the well known members of the quartz family. When in cut form, citrine is hard to differentiate from topaz, and thus has been marketed as a cheaper, “exotic topaz.” (Note: Citrine is still more expensive than other types of quartz).

citrine tumbled stones

It is found in Brazil, of which the mines of Minas Gerais are long famous, France (Dauphine), Madagascar, and Russia. There are also many localities in USA, with citrine, but these deposits are rather small by comparison. The yields from Minas Gerais in Brazil are some of the best in the world, with the color frequently a mid tone golden orange.

Citrine is well regarded as a dissipater of negative energy. The energy of citrine energizes the spleen chakra, and the solar plexus chakra. It sharpens concentration, and helps to convert intellectual energy into physical energy. The radiant color brightens up your mood, on even the cloudiest of days, and it is a very good crystal for helping you to make decisions or assessments.

citrine-gemstone.jpgMany people believe citrine attracts wealth, and hence, citrine is often called a “merchants stone,” because its golden color certainly seems to “attract” money. Some merchants place a large citrine near their cash registrars for this very purpose!

Among its uses in crystal healing, citrine has good aura cleansing powers; it removes the gray areas from your aura – those muddy areas which have congested and static negative energy. It encourages, and stimulates, a happy, optimistic, and sunny outlook.

For digestive disorders, and for eliminating toxins, citrine performs well. Its therapeutic properties can best be harnessed by using it in an elixir. Citrine is good for the liver, and helps it to eliminate toxins from the body. Other uses of citrine include promoting blood circulation, and strengthening the thyroid gland.

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