Orgonite enhances crystal power

Orgonite is a rather recent addition to the crystal world, but it is making an impact, in as far as crystal fans are concerned. Orgonite users commonly report better sleep, health, and a more positive immediate environment after having orgonite in their midst or carrying it around them.

Orgonite is really just made up of a single crystal (or a few chunks), hardened organic resin, and metal shavings. So why would it seem to work in many instances? It appears that orgonite is more or less enhanced crystals with amplified capability to modulate negative energies and transmute them into positive energies on account of the metal shavings.

The history of orgonite goes back to the 1930s and 1940s with a certain Dr Wilhelm Reich, who discovered the existence of life energy (chi, prana), which he termed orgone. He also termed positive energies as or/por and negative energies as dor. Terms aside, he found out that stacking layers of fiberglass and steel wool in box-like contraptions which he called oracs or orgone accumulators, would harness good and bad energy, and found out that sitting some cancer patients in these fiberglass orgone boxes even cured them of their cancers. He also found that many man made installations emitted dor, for example, radio/television transmission towers, and artificial lighting.

orgonite pyramid

An orgonite piece molded in the shape of a pyramid

Since then, many scientists in both the East and West have researched and built upon Dr Wilhelm’s work, and their findings are similar – Energy fields exist, even though it cannot be seen nor measured objectively, and orgonite attracts this energy. A couple, Don and Carol Croft, took things a step further by including a piece of crystal (commonly quartz crystals) in a matrix of metal shavings bound together by organic fiberglass resin (commonly polyester resin) in a 50/50 mix, and found this formation not only accumulated etheric energy, but transmuted negative etheric energy into positive energy, or positive orgone.

cylindrical silver orgonite

Silver colored cylindrical orgonite piece. Place near electrical power outlets to mitigate negative energies.

I recently got acquainted with orgonite, and find the effects to be overall positive. While initially there was no noticeable effect, I now find my sleep and overall health taking a turn for the better, which I attribute to the orgonite. It appears that orgonite is really just an enhanced or amplified quartz crystal, as the resin when cured and hardened, permanently squeezes the quartz crystal contained within, thereby creating a permanent piezoelectric effect, and the metal shavings accentuate the effect of the crystal even more. “Piezoelectric” is a term for the habit of many crystals (notably quartz) to release energy pulses when physical pressure is applied to them.

orgonite-pyramidIn my opinion, orgonite reconfirms the efficacy of quartz (and other) crystals in modulating and transforming negative vibrations into positive vibrations, but you would have to be a believer that such “energy” exists to use orgonite, let alone crystals, in the first place. Placing a piece of orgonite near the sleeping area or while meditating seems to invoke a positive effect in calming the mind and may result in deeper sleep, and better meditation.

Orgonite has also been placed in dirty lakes with a noticeable difference in the water quality after a while. When orgonite is placed near vegetables, the results have mostly been positive, with better growth and yield being recorded. Orgonite dug into the soil near radio towers also help in dispelling the negative effects of the energy emitting from these installations.

It helps that orgonite is quite easy to make, so long as you have the materials, namely a quartz crystal, polyester resin, and aluminum shavings, and a suitable mold to shape your orgonite into a desired shape. You can also buy orgonite from a vendor, if you’re not inclined to make them yourself. If you want to learn more about orgonite, this site explains orgonite in greater detail.

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