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Crystal grids

Crystal grids are purposeful and specialized crystal placements corresponding to a systematic pattern, utilizing several crystals at least. These patterns can be based on simple polygonal shapes or even certain sacred geometry symbols. Sacred geometry is a field of study that is based on the principle that all things in the universe follow a predefined construct corresponding to their atomic or molecular vibration. These shapes and patterns can be observed in art, music, architecture, and even in the nests, shells or bones of living things. For anyone who wants to study the subject more, suffice to say, there is a
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Orgonite enhances crystal power

Orgonite is a rather recent addition to the crystal world, but it is making an impact, in as far as crystal fans are concerned. Orgonite users commonly report better sleep, health, and a more positive immediate environment after having orgonite in their midst or carrying it around them. Orgonite is really just made up of a single crystal (or a few chunks), hardened organic resin, and metal shavings. So why would it seem to work in many instances? It appears that orgonite is more or less enhanced crystals with amplified capability to modulate negative energies and transmute them into positive
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